SEO Copywriter

Are you looking for an SEO copywriter to help you rank within the world of the search engine? Here, at essentialCOPY, we keep up to date with the latest trends, so when clients ask for help, we feel confident that we will provide the content that best serves their needs as well as the needs of search engines.

Why Is SEO Copywriting Important?

If you don’t think SEO when writing for the web, then the chances are you’re wasting your time creating the content you’ve spent hours on.

SEO is what allows search engines like Google to understand your website, blog or any other digital content, which in turn indicates how authoritative it is to other content out there.

Allowing an SEO copywriter to create the copy for all your digital platforms will be a massive gain within your marketing strategy.

Understanding the needs of your prospective customers is the key to ranking high, and an SEO copywriter will tell you that the first thing to understand is what keywords you as a business would like to rank.

Once you understand the questions that your targeted audience types into a search engine, then you will begin to create keywords that a copywriter will write throughout your digital content.

Being An SEO Copywriter Takes Experience And Talent To Get Results

SEO copywriting is a skilled trade. It takes time to understand how to climb search engine rankings.

What makes it more difficult is Google changes its algorithms often to keep SEO specialists on their toes and to weed out individuals who try to cheat their way to the top. Something that Google, in particular, frowns upon – resulting in them sending your content to the bottom of the pile.

At essentialCOPY, we use SEO in every piece of online content; because of this, we like to keep our ear to the ground for all the latest trends.

It’s what gives us an edge on competitors and will also help our clients become more authoritative within their respective industry.

When Should I Use SEO?

Use an SEO Copywriter when creating content for the web

If you, as a business, create any content that goes online, then SEO needs to be applied. Social media, blog posts, landing pages, and general website pages all need SEO to get noticed.

As a professional SEO copywriter who has taken company websites to page one of the search engines, essentialCOPY will explain why investing in a skilled writer is the best way to get your business recognised online.

Every aspect of content will be written, from what a customer reads from a search engine to images that compliment the copy that serves your website.

We are proud to offer our services to businesses from a mixture of industries – to ensure that the content you’d like web visitors to see will sit highly within search engines and to show the world how authoritative your company is.


Let us help you create fantastic web pages that draw attention from your targeted audience with SEO rich content that shows your business as an industry leader.


We can help your website stay relevant by producing informative blog posts that answer your customers’ needs and showcase your products and services.

Invest In An SEO Copywriter And Create Copy So To Get Noticed By Search Engines And New Customers.