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Are you looking for an SEO copywriter to help you rank within the world of the search engine? essentialCOPY can do just that.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), is all about securing a high ranking within the world of the search engine. Every companies’ goal is to appear on the first page with organic content.

Here, at essentialCOPY, we keep up to date with the latest trends, so when clients ask for help, we feel confident that we will provide the content that best serves your customers and search engines.

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Based in Cheltenham, essentialCOPY will filter in keywords that have been suggested by you, the client, as well as a couple that we think may give your page an extra boost. These keywords will begin to get your web page recognition by search engines and will put you on the ladder to scaling the ranks. With that, brand awareness will continue soar, which will create even more trafiic to your site, which will increase sales.

Like with so many things in life, there are “do’s and don’ts” when working with SEO.

Like With So Many Things In Life, There are "do's and don'ts" When Working As An SEO Copywriter.

It’s a skill in itself to get it right, but with so much competition around it’s not uncommon to find someone trying to beat the system. Unfortunately, the system is almost impregnable, especially when it comes to Google to which most visitors to the web use.

It was not unheard of for some companies to use keywords excessively or even place keywords in the same colour as the background of the page just to get ahead of their competitors.

Google, however, know these tricks and if caught may decide to penalise you by dropping you further down the rankings or delisting you altogether, resulting in your company stranded in a virtual desert.

The search engines will use their sophisticated algorithms to determine where your page will appear in different searches.

If you’ve researched SEO previously you may have heard of “Spiders”, don’t worry, they aren’t the eight-legged critters that appear when you least expect, and I promise there are no pictures in case you have a phobia.

Spiders in the world of search engines are software programs designed to scour each web page looking for various attributes before indexing. So it is essential to get your keywords right because potential customers will then be able to find your business easier if your web pages are well indexed for specific categories.

With this in mind, we produce your copy with structure in mind while also writing for your target audience, resulting in all bases covered.

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