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Do you need a product description copywriter who can create fresh, descriptive and above all, lead generating copy? essentialCOPY can do just that. Read on to see how we do things or contact us for a chat.

creating product description

All products need to have some degree of product description. And it’s fair to say that most consumers skim the words without taking them all in. But, certain words draw a customer in, and it’s at that point where you need to be confident in your copy. At essentialCOPY, we understand that the main objective is to explain what the product does and why it would be a good idea to buy it.

A tactic used for product copywriting is to create a persona. To imagine stepping into the shoes of the person you intend to sell the product to, including age and gender, location and even interests. But before we can use that approach, we will sit down and discuss with you who your target audience is. A meeting that will include completing a brief that will consist of any keywords that you would like us to implement. Once we have all the information, we will set out to create a selection of examples. Once you approve of the tone of voice and the level of description, we will then push forward with the project.

Getting Creative With Your Product Descriptions

product brochure copywriter compliments bright images with copy

Creative product descriptions are a good way of inviting consumers to new products or ranges of products. Not all copy needs to be serious. A lot of companies prefer a more informal approach with a slightly more jovial outlook, especially if you have photography to complement. If you can match the tone of voice with the product and the type of customer who would buy the item, then you’re on to a winner. This is something that essentialCOPY, based in Gloucestershire, excels at. From brainstorming to implementing, we meet the targets set out to us and have fun in the process.

How A Product Description Copywriter Incorporates SEO

Of course, we know when it comes to writing good product description for the web it is essential to have good SEO. Having keywords implemented within your descriptions will help with the search engines reading your pages to decide on your rankings. As an SEO copywriter, essentialCOPY knows how to stay on the right side of the search engines while engaging with customers who will be searching for products online.

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