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Are you looking for a product brochure copywriter to create descriptive and professional copy for your products and business? Let essentialCOPY create the words that will lead your customers to a call to action.

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There was a time when businesses had a fear that printed brochures were to be a thing of the past, therefore making a product brochure copywriter redundant. The truth is, product brochures are still as useful now as they have been previously. With this resurgence, they will have plenty of shelf life in them for the foreseeable future.

At essentialCOPY, we create copy that engages the reader. As a result, they feel safe in the knowledge that you, as a business, will look after them while leading them to a call to action.

“The key to the success of a brochure is the way it compliments a business website. It is a huge marketing tool to help with brand development”  Tim, essentialCOPY

Let's Talk Product Brochure Copy

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You have the product and the images but no words. A product brochure copywriter can create descriptions for print or digital content that not only engages with the reader but leads to a call to action.

Whether a three-line product description or a paragraph to entice and lead the reader, essentialCOPY can produce what is required to convert.

In short, each description must answer a question and be the solution to any problem a potential customer might have.

A tactic used for product copywriting is to create a buyer persona. To imagine stepping into the shoes of the person, you intend to sell the product to, including age, gender, location and even interests.

Once a copywriter understands the demographic, then creating the copy will become easier.

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A website is now the “go-to” for looking at what a business has to offer. A product brochure, though, can generate an extra sale when situated at the front of a store or mailed.

A product brochure with eye-catching imagery and text is an excellent product in itself to promote a companies brand and development.

Not only does it send a message that your business is professional and authoritative within your industry, but it also sends a statement that your company and product are here to stay.

Limiting The Number Of Products Per Brochure Creates A Greater Chance Of Conversion

From our personal experience, we have found that a catalogue of products with dozens of pages creates information overload. Instead, a product brochure should focus only on new products or range of latest products, for example, the latest robotic lawnmowers off a companies production line.

Targeting new products for a brochure reduces the pages and stops the reader from being put off from too much choice. A product brochure copywriter can work with designers whilst creating copy that engages with new and existing customers in the right tone that leads to conversion

What We Can Do As A Product Brochure Copywriter For You

At essentialCOPY, we sit down with you to talk about everything brochure related and what your expectations are leading into this partnership. We say partnership, because we make sure we keep you in the loop with every step we make.

With so many brochures around, it’s essential that yours stands out from the rest. We’ll set out a plan of what copy is to appear on each page and whether there should be double spreads for specific points.

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