Press Release Copywriter

Have you ever needed a press release made for your business, but never knew how to go about writing one? As a press release copywriter, let essentialCOPY help you tell the world your news.

Whether through web or print, press release copywriting is fundamental to any business looking to grow. Based in Cheltenham, essentialCOPY can help with all your press releases no matter what the news. In doing so, you’ll be reaching new and existing customers and expanding on your overall conversion.

A little-known fact is that websites, local publications and the trade-related press will print information about your company for FREE. Yes, it’s worth saying that again, FREE. Providing the copy is well written and filled with facts, they will take your press advertisements off your hands.


What does a press release copywriter do?

A press release copywriter finds the right words to help your business deliver news to media outlets. At essentialCOPY, we sit down with all our clients so to get a clear understanding of the story you would like to be sent to editors. Not only that, but the meeting also serves as a “getting to know you”; it helps when creating a press release if we know the background of your business, what you stand for, what your goals are and most importantly, what you can do for the readers.

With that, we set out by creating a headline that captures the reader’s attention. If the press release is to promote something other than an event, for example, we will structure the release, so the journalist who may take up the story has enough movement to create an article. We structure all our press releases the way editors like, and we keep up to date with the movers and shakers of the editorial system, so we know who to talk to.

getting a press release out on time

Deadlines are important, and we never let one slip by, so if you would like to know more about our service of sending a press release in the UK, then feel free to contact us. We will be happy to talk to you.

Creating copy for a web page can be tricky. Let essentialCOPY take the reins so you can focus your energy on other tasks

Whether internal for staff eyes only or external for your customers and potential leads, let essentialCOPY produce informative newsletter copy in a tone that suits your business

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