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Press Release Copywriting Is Fundamental To Any Business looking To Grow

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Press releases are a marketing tool that should not be overlooked. No matter what you want to tell the world, allowing a press release copywriter to come onboard and create engaging and descriptive copy will give your business more substantial authority and presence to a broader audience.

Regardless of whether the release will be heading to a printed or digital publication, the structure is often the same. A copywriter understands that if a company requires a press release, then it is a matter of importance to get the content right first time.

essentialCOPY can help with all your press releases no matter what the news. In doing so, you’ll be reaching new and existing customers and expanding on your overall conversion.

A press release can be received free of charge from publications

Subject Types A Press Release Copywriter Can Create For Businesses Of All Sizes

There are so many subjects that copywriters create for press releases.

Below are some of the more popular topics.

  • New products
  • New management
  • Awards won
  • New services
  • Events
  • Charity participation

Deadlines are important, and at essentialCOPY, we never let one slip by – so if you would like to know more about our service of creating a press release within the UK, then contact us today. We will be happy to talk to you.


getting a press release out on time

It’s common to be asked to create releases that are concise with just giving the bare essentials that include contact details for reporters to contact for further information.

As a professional press release copywriter, essentialCOPY understands that any reporter/editor is time conscious – reaching out for more information should be the last resort.

That is why we create a press release to the full. From an irresistible headline followed by a sub-heading that leads into the copy, essentialCOPY includes the most information that readers will be interested in reading, and reporters/editors will be happy publishing.

That’s not all; we know that every inch of the release is priceless, and so we create a boilerplate that positions your business as one that leads your industry.


A Press Release Copywriter Can Transform Your News Into Engaging Posts For Social Media Platforms Of Your Choice

Sending a press release to digital and printed publications is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to getting your news in front of people that matter.

Social media is a great way to spread a press release and reach audiences from across the world. Not only is it possible to use hashtags amongst the more popular social media platforms making your post seen by audiences of your choice, but it also brings another level to brand development taking your news global.

Websites are another platform to tell the world your breaking news. Creating a page for such stories and creating links for social media not only brings awareness to your brand but also makes drives traffic to your website.

Add SEO (search engine optimisation), and you’ll be sure to find search engines ranking your company website as well as social media accounts when using keywords to target new audiences.

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Within this package is any necessary phone calls to collect quotes if not already received.

  • Up To One Hour Consultation
  • Keyword Research
  • SEO
  • Strong Readability
  • Page Layout


Creating copy for a web page can be tricky. Let essentialCOPY take the reins so you can focus your energy on other tasks

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SEO is essential for building awareness and bringing traffic to your website. We can help relieve the stress

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