Newsletter Copywriter

Do you need a newsletter created for your business but don’t know who to ask? essentialCOPY can help be the voice to your company. For more information on our services as a newsletter copywriter and a free quote, click below.

Newsletter are essential for business

How do you keep your employees up to date with all the latest news from around your company? Come to think of it, how do you keep your customers up to scratch with all the latest products, promotions and other exciting news stories?

Is A Newsletter Copywriter Really Beneficial?

Keeping your employees in the loop creates peace of mind, and there’s nothing better than offering a newsletter for the office, store or individuals on the go. It’s also great for customers to see that you have them in your mind at all times. Offering a newsletter is a smart way of keeping those valued customers close; not to mention that it can also drive sales.

Internal or External Newsletter?

Perhaps you would like to have internal newsletters for your employees and external, in the form of e-newsletters, for your valued customers? That’s not a problem. As a newsletter copywriter, essentialCOPY can accommodate your needs by creating copy for both.

We will keep in regular contact either with you or a designated employee to keep us up to date with all the news from around your company. We will discuss the frequency of either or both newsletters, so no one is left out of the loop.

Newsletters don’t have to be boring, and they certainly don’t have to be A4. At essentialCOPY, we like to think outside the box.

Our aim is for you to have a newsletter that will be of interesting reading and for the information to resonate with readers. We work with skilled graphic designers who will compliment the copy created resulting in a newsletter that breathes your company. With photos, colour and interviews with staff from all levels, creating newsletters can be fun.


Don’t forget to archive your e-newsletters. You’d be surprised at how many new visitors to your website will look back on previous news after reading your latest. It also shows potential customers the direction your company has travelled and where it’s heading.

If you think newsletters whether internal or external are of interest to you and your business then do, please get in contact as we’d be happy to provide the copy you so richly deserved.