Frequently Asked Questions

As a copywriter, do you mainly write for a specific industry?

Not at all. We provide copy for any business from any industry, whether it’s a start-up or a much larger organisation, from landscaping to fashion and so much more.

How much do you charge as a copywriter?

Each project is quoted individually as each differs in size as well as other considerations such as deadlines, research and meetings.

What is your hourly rate as a copywriter?

Although we calculate the number of hours it will take to complete each project, we don’t charge an hourly rate; this is because we take our services seriously and would instead prefer to do a job that’s of quality rather than a rushed job that doesn’t fulfil the needs of the brief. It also gives the client a comfortable nights sleep not worrying about a larger than necessary bill at the end.

What are your terms?

A 50% deposit will be required upfront for most projects, with the remainder due upon completion. After three projects working together, a deposit will be waivered unless a project is of size that will require expenses.

What is the process as a copywriter for writing copy for my company?

After initial contact, we will ask you questions regarding your objectives. Once a brief is completed the first draft will be produced and sent within a time frame agreed. Only when the feedback is received, the revisions will be made and only when you’re happy will the job be completed.

What type of payments do you accept?

PayPal is the accepted way of sending out payments. It’s secure and is favoured most by customers. All quotes are with UK currency in mind; PayPal will then convert into your countries currency. Note that PayPal charges a fee up to 3.4%.

Do you take accounts?

Yes. We take pride in having a good relationship with our clients, and we make it known that if they like the work we produce, then we will be more than happy for them to contact us and to continue that relationship into the future.

Do you meet with clients?

After initial contact, we always set aside time to meet clients; unfortunately, this only applies to clients within the UK. Alternatively, phone, email and Skype are our other points of contact.

Will I need to sign a contract?

Yes. After we have agreed upon a brief, essentialCOPY will email you an agreement for which you’ll be required to sign and email back. Once received, work will begin. If you would like a confidentiality contract signed by us, please send one at the same time as the agreement form for us to sign.

Do you print the projects as well as design?

At essentialCOPY,  we primarily work in the copywriting game, but we do work with experienced graphic designers who can come aboard to assist in the project if you don’t have a design department. As for printing, we recommend our clients print the work separately as it does get expensive depending on the type of project.

How will you submit your copy?

All copy created will be sent via email in an MS Word document. If you don’t have a designer/developer and you go through essentialCOPY when it comes to brochures or any big project that requires a graphic designer, the copy will be sent in an MS Word document as well as an altogether packaged email.

If the project grows into something bigger than first agreed upon, would you still be able to work on it?

Of course. The original quote is calculated on the agreement of work in the first brief. Any action that evolves from that would involve adjusting the brief as well as the budget. Another agreement form would also need to be signed so that both parties are on the same page.

If you agree to take on my project, how soon will it be until we get started?

It’s always helpful to let us know of any deadlines regarding the project; this is so we can try and accommodate quickly. We don’t like turning down work and this would only happen in exceptional circumstances.

Do you work for companies from outside the UK?

Sure. With the joys of modern technology, we can Skype as well as email. With all work done in other countries, a deposit will be required at all times.

If you have a question that hasn’t been answered above, then please feel free to get in contact where we will get back to you with an immediate answer.