Direct Mail Copywriter

Do you require a direct mail copywriter to create sales letters whether it be for web or print? Let essentialCOPY sit down with you to discuss the ways we can help your business stick in the minds of readers.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is seeing a revival, and it’s at this time you should start thinking of how you can use it for your business. Digital mailing campaigns are great. But, with all the distractions on phones and tablets, it’s the direct mail to a person’s home or workplace that will help brand awareness for your company going forward. Here is where essentialCOPY can help.

How Can essentialCOPY Help My Business?

 At essentialCopy, we can create persuasive copy for all your direct mail needs. Although based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, we serve businesses of varying sizes throughout the UK. Known for working closely with all our clients so to know what the aims are for each direct mail campaign. Aims that include tone of voice that you would like us to convey throughout the copy. With as much information gathered within a brief, we can start creating sales letters for all your campaigns.

Whether the sales letter is for the post or through email, we will put the relevant keywords within the copy to help incentivise new and existing customers. These keywords will lead to your product and company sticking in the minds of those who will read the direct mail.


Don’t give them an excuse to throw your sales letter in the bin. Let essentialCOPY produce the direct mail that your business needs and your customers deserve.

We create web copy for businesses throughout the UK that serve new and existing customers

essentialCOPY works hard to make sure all relevant keywords have a place throughout your web copy for ultimate SEO

Some Of The Locations We Serve Locally

Cheltenham – Gloucester – Cirencester – Tewkesbury