Direct Mail Copywriter

Do you require a direct mail copywriter to create sales letters whether it be for web or print? Let essentialCOPY sit down with you to discuss the ways we can help your business stick in the minds of readers.

Sales Letters Deliver Results

Direct Mail

Just like printed brochures, many thought the sales letter was a thing of the past. With email marketing being a more direct marketing tool, the amount of sales letters being posted through a letterbox fell -but now they have made a comeback and are bringing results.

With the right words, tone and structure, a sales letter can promote a product or service, grow your brand and convert readers into customers. Not only that, but they can also unlock audiences that as a business you never thought of targeting.

A Sales Letter Needs To Capture A Readers Attention Quickly


When sales letters fall through a letterbox, the homeowner will typically glance over the copy and make a judgement within three seconds as to take another look or throw in the bin. A sales letter copywriter knows that those three seconds are the most important and will understand how to capture the attention of the reader.

With this in mind, we’ve listed elements for a sales letter. Results will keep those eyes moving down the page and from filling the bin.

  • Headline
  • Primary message (Benefit/Pain Point/Feature)
  • Bullets
  • Hero image
  • Testimonials
  • Offer
  • Attention-grabbing statistics
  • Call to action
  • P.S.

It’s essential not to overcrowd the sales letter when designing.

Information overload is not the aim and will never convert a reader into a customer. Your product is the solution to their problem. Stay on message by convincing the prospect that what you have to offer will help them and then they will continue to read.

How Can essentialCOPY Help My Business As A Sales Letter Copywriter?

At essentialCOPY, we work efficiently to get your project completed on time. We take great enjoyment out of understanding new products or services, so to write an effective sales letter whether for print or email.

Our goal is to produce sales for your company through engagement with new and existing audiences. We can work with a designer of your choice or we can bring a designer who is trusted within the industry.

Throughout our website, you will notice we stress how powerful words can be to a business and their products. Whether writing for digital or print, a project that uses wrong words coupled with the wrong tone of voice can spell disaster for any marketing campaign and could cost much money – none more so than when writing a sales letter.” Tim, essentialCOPY.


Don’t give them an excuse to throw your sales letter in the bin. Let essentialCOPY produce the direct mail that your business needs and your customers deserve.

Product Brochure

We create product brochure copy that engages and informs new and existing customers – results include brand awareness and high conversion


essentialCOPY works hard to make sure all relevant keywords have a place throughout your web copy for ultimate SEO – all whilst keeping up to date with SEO best practices

Invest In A Sales Letter Copywriter Today And Add Authority To Your Company With Well-Written Copy That Not Only Promotes But Also Converts