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Working with companies of all sizes – in all stages of growth, you can expect a friendly and professional approach from beginning to end.

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Do you feel time slowing down when attempting to write copy? Perhaps, as a business owner, you started creating online content but found other aspects of your company needed more of your attention.

Let us take the weight off of your shoulders by creating the copy needed to drive awareness and sales.

Whether online copy or for printed materials, we understand the need to convey a tone that resonates with your targeted audience.

If you would like to know how we work, here at essentialCOPY, then scroll further down the page.

Below Are Just Some Of Our Copywriting Services

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We don’t class ourselves as an agency.

We’re small in size, but take on big projects and ones that excite and fuel our ambition.

We champion businesses in their infancy and lead by example from more prominent companies that require our services.

At essentialCOPY, we understand that some businesses have budgets that are smaller than others.

Recognising where priority copy is needed can help alleviate worries of budget constraints whilst still looking at the bigger picture.

There is no harm to reducing the size of a project whilst always moving forward.

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How We Work As Copywriters At essentialCOPY

Once initial contact has been made, and you as the client are comfortable in essentialCOPY taking on your project, we will set up a meeting so to create a brief.

BRIEF: Within the brief will be the ideas and basic structure to the project you, as a client, wish for us to create. With projects that are requiring SEO, we will discuss keywords that are important to your project and company. If a client has a designer that will take the copy we create, then we can discuss working closely with them so to ensure maximum results. Any time frames required to show drafts will be in the discussion as well as final deadlines.

From here, we send over a copy of the brief as well as a quote to which we will require the client to sign off and email back.

PAYMENT: Due to our company working in a freelance capacity as well as using trusted freelance designers (if required), we ask for 40% of the agreed quote upfront. This is standard practice and the norm in this and other industries.

Once payment has been received work will begin. essentialCOPY will send a draft, and this is an excellent opportunity for a client to make suggestions to improve further the direction and content as we advance.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Throughout the drafts, there will be recommendations so to further the copy – which is perfectly normal. If the clients’ ideas change the direction of the project to the extent of the brief becoming obsolete, then the lead copywriter will create a new brief, and a further charge is applied.

Once the project is complete, and the client has given the royal seal of approval, essentialCOPY will put the finishing touches to work, saving it to a Word document. Once we receive the final part of the payment, essentialCOPY will send all work to the client. It’s at this point that we relinquish all rights to the copy created.

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