Brochure and Leaflet Copywriter

Are you looking for a brochure and leaflet copywriter to create descriptive and professional copy for your products and business? Let essentialCOPY create the words that will lead your customers to a call to action.

Brochure Copywriter creating copy

It’s not just websites that create awareness and customers. Brochures and leaflets are key to unlocking new markets where potential customers might not have thought about investing time in a product or service that you supply.

It’s not enough though to have brilliant designs and eye-catching photographs to sell a brochure. Without the words, no one will take a blind bit of notice to something that potentially cost a lot of time and money to create.

The key is to engage with the reader and to make them feel safe in the knowledge that you, as a business, will look after them while leading them to a call to action.


What Can You Do For Me And My Business As A Brochure And Leaflet Copywriter?

At essentialCOPY, we sit down with you to talk about everything brochure related and what your expectations are leading into the partnership. It’s a partnership because we make sure we keep you in the loop with every step we make. We work closely with skilled graphic designers to get the best results. But if you have your own then don’t worry, we are more than happy to work with those you trust.

 We suggest what your cover should convey from a marketing point of view, whether it be design, photography, title or headlines. With so many brochures around, it’s essential that yours stands out from the rest. We’ll then set out a plan of what copy is to appear on each page and whether there should be double spreads for specific points.


Quotes from customers for your business

Apart from well-written paragraphs and informative subheadings, we also work on producing quotes to reinforce certain aspects of the copy, whether it be from previous customers, employees or a leading company that benefits from your business. Along with the right tone of voice, essentialCOPY will produce copy that will incentivise the reader that in turn will lead them into a potential customer. 

What About Copy For Leaflets?

Leaflets work in the same way but on a slightly smaller scale. Writing copy for leaflets requires more concise content depending on style and the number of pages. The visuals although more modest and less of will complement the text. The key is to catch the attention of the reader within the first two lines and then, while making them welcome, inform and solve a problem or create awareness depending on your direction that will ultimately lead to a call to action.

essentialCOPY is a must for any business who needs a copywriter. Based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, but serving the entire UK, essentialCOPY produces professional copy for web and print leaving clients and their customers happy with the results.

If you would like to know more about how essentialCOPY can help produce well-written content for your brochures or leaflets, then click the large button below and we will be happy to help.

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