Brand Naming Copywriter

Do you require a Copywriter to help your business with brand naming as well as development?

Needing help with brand naming?

It’s not uncommon for businesses to ask for help in generating names for new brands. From start-up businesses to medium sized established companies, now and then products are created to further success. However, it’s no good having a product that can do great things unless it has a great name to go with it. essentialCOPY can help with this problem.

Based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, serving not only local businesses but companies throughout the UK too, essentialCOPY has a great understanding of brand awareness.

How Can essentialCOPY Help Me When It Comes To Brand Naming?

Creating a brief helps with brand naming

There are two ways we go about creating your new brand name, but before all the fun starts, we must work out what your business wants, and for that, we need a brief.

We will listen to what you would like us to capitalise on with regards to your product. If there are samples or pictures to aid, then that will help greatly. (contracts can be signed, so all information stays between us) Once the brief is drawn up, we will then work one of two ways.

  1. We go back to the office and work on producing a list of names that comply with our agreed brief: usually, this will be compiled into categories. Client’s will tell us occasionally how many names they expect us to bring to the table, but we will always exceed that before whittling down the numbers. It’s at this stage that we go back to the client.
  2. Another not so uncommon practice is for us to sit in on a brainstorming session where we share our views on what would work from a copywriting angle. With every base covered from web to print copy, including SEO.
Creating a brand name that can be remember

If you like the idea of having a copywriter sit in on your branding sessions or if you would want someone to take the stress out of the whole process then get in contact as we’d be happy to help.

Why Not Take A Look At What We Can Offer To Help With Your Brand

Help convert your web visitors into customers with copy that is inviting and informative

Let us help you promote your brand through high-quality brochure copy

Help your brands visibility by allowing essentialCOPY to create SEO rich content

We can write professional press releases to set your new or existing brand on the path to success