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It Pays To Have A Professional Blog

Blog Copywriter

Blogs have become one of the most popular marketing tools of today. More often than not, when someone types a question into a search engine, the answer comes in the form of  a blog – this is where a blog copywriter comes in.

Numerous businesses around the world have noticed the power of well-structured blog writing and now use the tool to target and reach their customers more effectively.

A professional blog copywriter will give you back your precious time by taking on the responsibility of attracting new visitors to your website and business through a well-crafted blog post.

Blogs Help with SEO

A well-written blog will not only give a professional look to your companies website but by providing rich information that visitors are searching for will also make your business appear more authoritative within your industry.

By understanding what your customer needs are, a blog copywriter can place selected keywords within the copy so search engines will rank it higher in search results. But, that’s not all a professional blog can offer – answering much-needed questions will make visitors remember and more importantly return.

Search engines also recognise websites that produce new and informative content regularly. Offering blog posts to new and existing customers will enhance brand recognition and increase traffic to your website.

A blog should feel as if talking to a friend

With essentialCOPY at the helm of creating fresh content for your posts, you can be confident that the blogs will connect with your customer base through the conversational copy that makes blogs popular for readers.

Visitors to blog posts should feel like they are talking to their friends whilst reading the content. The tone of voice should be friendly yet confident and make the potential customer feel safe in knowing they have reached the right search result.

Ideas For Blogging

Coming up with ideas to create blog posts can sometimes be challenging. essentialCOPY focuses on the following five categories that are the most engaging to new and existing customers:

  1. New Products
  2. Product or service reviews
  3. How-to information
  4. Industry news
  5. FAQs

Of course, more subjects provide interest, such as company activities – new ventures or even charity work. The five listed above will give visitors to your website much-needed information as well as brand recognition – not to mention industry authority.

All blog posts should be appealing to the eye. Not only should the copy flow with ease, but adding photos and videos that inform as well as infographics are all ingredients to a well-formed blog.

Use Social Media For A Blog Post

Social Media enhances a blog

A blog post has been created and is now live on your website. If done right, you’ll find that it will be rising the search engine rankings thanks to keyword research. So, what else can be done to bring further exposure to this content?

Social media will not only put your blog in front of people that are familiar with your industry, but it will push your brand farther and into mobile devices and territories that a website might not necessarily reach. Using social media will then bring potential customers to your website and through likes and retweets, as an example, your website will have increased traffic which in turn will further raise you in the search engine rankings.

What essentialCOPY Can Do For You.

As a professional blog copywriter, essentialCOPY can provide quality blog posts that inform new and existing customers. As a rule of thumb, we advise that the number of blogs created should be consistent each month; 3-5 posts are more than enough to entertain your readers as well as feed the search engines in continuing to rank your website higher.

Before we set to work on creating your companies blog posts, we sit down and draw up a brief for each. Within each brief, we discuss keywords that you, as a business owner, would like to be ranked for within search engines, as well as information that you feel should be within the copy.


Choose The Perfect Plan

Inform Visitors | Gain Customers | Rank Higher | Attain Authority



  • 500 Word Maximum
  • One Focal Keyword
  • Up To An Hour Consultation

Most Popular


  • 500+ Words
  • One Hour Consultation
  • Maximum of 4 Keywords
  • One Royalty Free Pic
  • Strong Readability Score
  • On page and Off Page SEO Optimisation (Unique Page Title, URL, Meta-description, Headers and Image Title.)

Monthly Retainer of 4 Blogs


  • Consultations For Each Blog
  • Competitor and Keyword research
  • Maximum of 4 Keywords per Blog
  • One Royalty Free Pic per Blog
  • Strong Readability Score
  • On Page and Off Page SEO Optimisation (Unique Page Title, URL, Meta-description, Headers and Image Title.)

It’s easy to say a blog isn’t necessary, and that you as a business owner will take it upon yourself to create the content. However, over time it will become clear that there aren’t enough hours in the day to manage a business and create content.

essentialCOPY can give you back your much needed time by making the blog posts for you and your company.

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