essentialCOPY creates copy for the passenger transport industry

Who We Are

One of essentialCOPY’s niches is working as a B2B tech-innovation copywriter that focuses on creating engaging copy that informs and converts.

Working with companies who supply solutions to the passenger transport industry, we help translate innovations with conversational copywriting.

With over twenty years of passenger transport knowledge, we feel confident in how to market a product to all levels of the industry. From manufacturers to operators through to passengers, we are proud to keep up a strong rapport and, in doing so, understand what is needed going forward to a more sustainable future.

We are happy to join the process at any stage, whether at the first concept or when the marketing copy is ready to be created. We can produce the copy you require with a complete understanding of the product, tone of voice, and expectations.

We feel unique in that we genuinely get excited working with technological companies that create new solutions to help passenger transport excel. Companies whose focus is on environmental solutions and those who believe all passenger transport should look desirable and comfortable make us proud to work in the same industry.

How We Work As A B2B Tech-innovation Copywriter

From an initial 15 minute conversation, we can tell you the solutions we offer for any problem you have.

From there, we arrange an hour consultation where we go into more detail, including requirements (keywords, etc.) and suggestions that will all go into a detailed brief.

Once the brief has been signed off, and a percentage fee has been received, work will begin on your project. Throughout the project, we will keep you in the loop with our progress to give reassurances to both parties.

A first draft will be sent where clients can discuss suggested adjustments.

*Note – If adjustments change the project’s direction drastically, essentialCOPY will create a new brief.

essentialCOPY will send a second draft for a final opportunity for revisions. Once all parties are happy, we will send the last copy in original form and after final payment.

We should mention that we can supply graphic designers and illustrators. Still, if you have your own, then we will be happy to work alongside.

We are passionate about making passenger transport more desirable for younger generations. With the progress being made to make the industry more sustainable for the future, we feel it’s time to educate.

With the help of companies who dream up these new and beautiful innovations, we believe it is now possible to get the conversation started and help the next generation understand these technologies.

With the knowledge shared, we at essentialCOPY are sure that the younger demographic will use passenger transport more. We may even inspire future innovators.

We have ideas of achieving this and will be working hard to reach these goals in the not so distant future.

Stay tuned!