Are you looking for a Copywriter in Cheltenham to help write content for your business?

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When it comes to searching for a copywriter in Cheltenham, know that you’ll be in safe hands with essentialCOPY.

As a Copywriting Consultancy, based in Cheltenham and serving the county of Gloucestershire as well as companies throughout the UK, essentialCOPY can offer you clear insight into how to further your business through concise and appealing copy.

We take pride in our professional but friendly service, and whether you’re just starting or you’re a company that’s already pushing boundaries, we’re happy to work together with you to create fantastic copy that will generate more awareness leading to more customers, putting you at the forefront of your respective industry.

If you don't know who your target audience is, then you won't know where to aim when it comes to writing copy.

creating a brief from a meeting helps a copywriter work
Creating A Brief From A Meeting Helps A Copywriter Work

Everybody is different, whether age, race, education or even when it comes to politics. So why does this matter?  As a company, it is essential to know who your target audience is so to maximise on your intended result.

At essentialCOPY, we know that sitting down with clients is extremely important as it helps gain an understanding of the business, the aspirations, the type of customers the clients are looking to attract, and the overall message they want to be received. Not only that, but it also puts us on a path to creating a great relationship, and at essentialCOPY, we value the relationships we have with our clients.

Once you know who your audience is, you’ll know exactly where to aim.

Below are just a few services we offer

We can create Web Copy that is clear and pleasing to the eye

We produce Brochure Copy that is informative and in tune with your customers

We offer SEO that is critical to achieving maximum awareness within search engines

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Some of the locations we serve within Gloucestershire

Cheltenham – Gloucester – Cirencester – Bourton on the Water – Tewkesbury